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Our Story

"A Better Tomorrow"

Hibachi Go was founded with love admiration of Asian Cuisine and Culture. We aim to provide quality meals with a convenient price for our customers. When starting Hibachi Go, we wanted our main focus to be on the integrity of our menu items and quality of the ingredients we use in creating them. Hibachi Go focuses on maintaining great customer service along with a healthy work environment for our employees.

Our slogan of "A Better Tomorrow" stems from our core values as a company and our journey to becoming Hibachi Go. Hibachi Go was created during the Covid-19 pandemic; a time of the unknown. With this in mind, we wanted to always have a remembrance of our journey during the difficult time in which Hibachi Go was founded. We saw the opportunity to provide a ray of hope, not only for ourselves and personal journey, but to the community as well. We want to lift up the community by providing jobs and a great environment for families to enjoy quality meals at a comfortable price point. We hope to provide a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!

Hibachi Go promises to provide traditional and unique flavors while celebrating the amazing food of Asia. Our main focus is Japanese Cuisine, and bubble tea! We look forward to serving you!

Meet The Owners
Ariel and Christopher


Ariel and Christopher met while attending The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY. They quickly became best friends and realized they both shared the same dream; opening a restaurant. They also shared a love for Asian Cuisine and Cultures! Before opening a restaurant together, they pursued other dreams of their own.

Christopher received his Master's in Business and spent time building his career as a food and beverage director. Ariel studied abroad in Singapore and had the opportunity to travel around Asia, learning everything she could, along with building her career as an Executive Chef after she returned to the United States. After some time had passed, they decided to open a restaurant together in inspiration of Asian Cuisine, thus Hibachi Go was born!

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